Here we are playing with  WordPress, we will edit this to put information about us and our site so readers know where we are coming from. ( PS it’s the High Peak in Derbyshire UK!)

This is I guess by way of a foreword or  a second home page, the plan is to structure most of the site within the blog allowing faster, simpler insertion of articles and to put the articles within categories, currently we have in mind (in no particular order,)

  • Supermarkets – we shop at most of these over a month or so and will comment about how they compare and how they inter-relate with the “small shops”, with special interest to our “foodie” type ideas.
  • Eating and Drinking, generally about food and drink, largely not at home!, so for the most part under sub categories of Pubs and Restaurants, although the distinction here is becoming difficult, so perhaps this might end up “merged”
  • Fun – really about things to do, trips out, theme parks, cinema’s shows etc.

General – anything we can’t fit in the other pages!

As this grows the plan is to allow your responses, shout us down if we are wrong, put in ideas and suggestions, but above all we hope you enjoy…..

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