It may be Dove Holes BUT……

So many times over the years have we heard about a Pub in Dove Holes being "taken over", "done-up", "re-furbished"etc, and its now "quite nice", "good"  or whatever and when we try we find "not much", that we have become quite cynical.

Recently we have heard reports locally the "the Wheatsheaf" had a […]

Put your card behind the bar ? in 2014 ??

We went into one of our favourite local watering holes on Tuesday Night; ordered our usual "round" and normally it is put onto a "tab" for payment at the end of the visit, however on this occasion Jools was asked to "put her card behind the Bar". This apparently was a new policy because the establishment has […]

Zuri – Bar, Hazel Grove

Zuri is a bar that is related to Benvenuti Ristorante in Hazel Grove in Stockport. In our opinion these are really chalk and cheese, Zuri is an up-to-the-minute Bar with a function room above, nicely furnished and showing the best of Italian Style (try the antipasto – it is to die for! ) Benvenuti, is […]